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If you are looking for a WordPress designer Montreal Expert, you’re definitely no the only one.  We no longer present WordPress: CMS the most used in the world, it combines simplicity of use and richness of functionalities.  We build professional looking and high performing websites for local business and professionals.  We are based in Montreal but we have clients all over Canada and the United States.   We are among the top WordPress web design Montreal agency.  Give us a call for a Free quote.

What is WordPress and why choose it?

wordpress designer montreal expertWordPress is a CMS (which means Content Management System in French Content Management System).
About 40% of the sites in the world are designed in WordPress.
WordPress is a scalable tool, and the possibilities it offers are almost endless.
WordPress will give you the autonomy to create and edit your content.
Appreciated for its harmonious themes and its very functional side, well suited to the writing and layout of articles.
For the creation of a showcase site, a blog, an online shop, …
Responsive (Mobile-friendly): Appears well on smartphones and tablets
Good organic SEO SEO

The average price for creating a WordPress website

You want to create your website with WordPress but you do not know how much it will cost you? Not always easy to navigate in this very fragmented market of website creation. Between turnkey website creation offers with WordPress that are at attractive rates and personalized offers that are much more expensive, it is sometimes difficult to understand the price differences. What type of offer to choose?
La Fabrique du Net conducted its small survey to give you an idea of ​​the average rates according to the type of WordPress website, and especially the way of working. To help you in this choice, we tried to help you understand the price differences between turnkey offers and the creation of a custom WordPress site.

Offering turnkey WordPress website creation or customized development?

best wordpress web design montreal serviceWhat is a turnkey WordPress site creation offer? This type of offer is defined by a set of specifications. The latter lists the different tasks to be carried out throughout the mission and the time that will be devoted to it. For any project whose characteristics correspond to such specifications, a turnkey website creation offer is made for you. Providers offer such packaged offers because they meet recurring demands and needs fairly close. For example, if your project is to create a showcase site to introduce your business, many turnkey offerings meet this need. Similarly for merchants who want to launch their e-commerce website. The turnkey website creation offers in WordPress are quite suitable for these common requests. For more specific requests and / or more complex projects, it will be necessary to turn to custom development. For example, if you want to completely customize your website in WordPress by creating a new theme, packaged offers do not offer this option.

The most common requests for website creations under WordPress are the showcases and e-commerce websites. It is for these offers that we find turnkey offers, so we offer you a first idea of ​​the pricing of these services before entering into the details of the content of these offers.

Zoom on turnkey website creation offers

What do these WordPress turnkey packs contain?

There is a large number of services packaged for the creation of website at very variable prices. These prices depend on the type of service providers you use (large web agency, small web agency, French freelance, freelance abroad, etc.) and the content of the pack. These packaged offers are most often intended for creation of showcase websites or e-commerce websites.

For showcase websites, there are common elements between the different packs.

  • Installing the WordPress CMS.
  • Hosting and domain name offered for 1 year.
  • Choice of a WordPress theme among pre-selected themes.
  • Content integration from 1 to 5 pages.

For e-commerce websites, there is also a similarity in the content of the packs.

  • Installing the WordPress CMS.
  • Hosting and domain name offered for 1 year.
  • Choice of a WordPress theme among pre-selected themes.
  • Integration of the content of a few pages.

Understand the development of a WordPress custom website design
What do we mean by custom development of a site with WordPress?
If you believe that the packaged offers do not cover all of your needs for the creation of your website, you have the possibility to use tailored offers. For this kind of service, you will have to define a complete specification with your service provider to delimit the scope of your project. We distinguish the website creation services in WordPress custom and semi custom. Either your custom website will be created with an existing WordPress theme that your provider makes changes to the template – that is, the template – at the code level to customize the theme. This is a semi-custom development. The other option would be to create a brand new WordPress theme. In this case it is necessary to define the graphic chart and to code it completely from a graphic model. In which case, it is a development completely custom-made.


Average rates for WordPress site creation packages

For WordPress showcase sites

The showcase sites are particularly suitable for companies who want to have a few pages to present their activity, their products, their services and give some information (contacts, location, etc.) to visitors. For simple showcases, turnkey offers are aimed at SMEs or SMEs that are developed on a local or global scale. For these companies, it is particularly interesting to choose a turnkey offer for website creation in WordPress. The packaged offer allows you to have online visibility and value the image of your company at lower cost. This online visibility helps reassure customers and represents credibility with prospects. Your showcase site will also allow you to reach a wider customer base and expand your business.

The rates for website creation offers in WordPress vary depending on the chosen provider and the content of the offer. For a simple site creation showcase, with less than 5 pages, which would allow to present in a succinct way a company and its activities, one can easily find offers ranging from a hundred euros to 3000$. The differences in rates depend largely on the provider: web agency or freelance. In both cases, experience and geographical location are decisive factors in the price of the service. The complex showcases sites correspond to websites with 5 to 10 pages on average, the integration of these additional pages explains higher rates.


For WordPress e-commerce sites

Turn-key e-commerce or online shop offers are aimed at businesses that want to expand an existing business or create a new business through online sales. The e-commerce site allows you to offer your products / services online and allows your customers to make their purchase directly on your site. With an e-commerce site, you can attract a wider customer base or retain your existing customer base. Packaged e-commerce site creation offers with WordPress are adapted for your project if the needs of your site are relatively simple: integration of the catalog, some pages of presentation (menu, about, contact, etc.) and a back office functional. WordPress also offers many specialized plugins (such as WooCommerce) for the creation of e-commerce sites and some providers use these plugins in their packaged offer.

The rates for creating an e-commerce site are higher than a showcase site because of the complexity of its content and the integration of an online payment module. The e-commerce site must allow companies to manage their product sheets, their stock and their orders / deliveries, etc. The prices of the e-commerce site creation packs with WordPress vary according to the number of product sheets that the site may contain and the features included in the offer. Indeed, functionalities are the main factor of price variation: back office completeness, advanced inventory management, multiple payment modules, integration of an internal search engine, etc. We must also pay attention to what is included or not in the packaged offers. Whether the choice of theme – from themes already owned by the provider – is usually included in the offer, as is the integration of a payment module (like Paypal). The addition of a VAD contract payment module, for example, will be billed as an option in certain offers. It is therefore important to check that the specifications of the packaged offer chosen cover all the needs of your future e-commerce site. As for storefront sites, the pricing of turnkey offers for e-commerce sites under WordPress depends on the experience and reputation of the provider, be it a web agency or a freelancer.


Average rates for creating a custom WordPress site

The rates of turnkey website creation offers on WordPress can be attractive but these offers can not be applicable to all types of projects. Indeed, there are projects of websites with specific characteristics that do not fit in the field of a showcase site or that of an e-commerce site. There are also projects for showcases or e-commerce sites that require special and extensive customization. For these website projects, companies can use tailored development offers. For example, to customize a showcase site, to integrate specific functionalities to an e-commerce site via plugins, to add a reservation module to a showcase site or to create a site of zero, etc. All these operations require special development, not included in the price of classic packaged offers.

The price of these services depends on the duration and the complexity of the project. Customized service providers are invoiced on the basis of specifications. Based on these specifications, they evaluate the necessary working time, which they multiply by their average daily rate, and offer you a flat rate. It is therefore important to define the specifications at the beginning of the project because any additional development outside the specifications will be billed additionally.

To give you a more precise idea of ​​the pricing of customized site creations under WordPress, we offer a comparison of the daily rate of different providers.